Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How long does an appointment take?

Answer:  For a hearing evaluation and consultation, prepare to be at our office for 1.5 hours.


Question:  Do you bill insurance?

Answer:  Yes, please speak with Kathy, our office manager, for more details.

Question:  Should I bring anything with me?

Answer:  If you have previous results, we can let you know about any changes in your hearing.


Question:  How many visits will I need?

Answer:  We may need to see you several times depending on your needs.


Question:  Where are you located?

Answer:  On Detroit Rd. in Westlake between Clague and Columbia (across the street from Viva Fernando)


Question:  Do you fit children?

Answer:  Yes, we love working with infants, toddlers, and school age children.